CashLink Global Systems: Offering Diverse & Advance Solutions to Enhance Digital Banking

CIO Vendor The global digital banking market is moving at a rapid pace. Be it ordering a pizza, booking a cab, paying bills, buying groceries, watching movies, etc. mobile phones have become an indispensable part of peoples' lives. Major Factors for driving the growth of the market are - Strong and vibrant startup ecosystem that's backed by the Government of India, more investments and cash flow towards digital banking solutions by banks and entrepreneurs, mass awareness programs on digital payments such as `Digital India' by the GOI and others. Mobile banking too, has evolved significantly over the past several years thereby creating a plethora of opportunities to banks as well as retail banking solution providers. Banks can make profits from emerging mobile technologies by providing remote services to their customers to facilitate their everyday financial needs. In such a scenario businesses have major expectations from banking solution providers and they are looking for reliable and effective digital solutions to cater to their banking needs, quality of customer service, and affordable pricing of the products.

“We meet the expectations of our clients by thoroughly understanding their business requirements and customizing the solutions accordingly. We have several banking products to cater to the everyday needs of a bank and these products are maintained by individual departments comprising qualified technical peers,” says Akil K. Murthi, COO, CashLink Global Systems.

CashLink Global Systems is a pioneer in offering state of the art retail banking solutions and brings 30 years of rich experience in digital banking to its clients businesses. The company is a part of the most reputed and respected business conglomerates called HMA group and is positioned strongly in the global digital banking market with more than 150+
clients globally, serving Clients across India, Indian Sub-continent, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. It is a leading fintech company serving major cooperative banks in India along with multiple overseas banks globally, providing seamless, robust products and services. The company is also unbeatable in the Cards and Payments category.

“As a product company we release enhanced features on every new release, annually, which can be utilized by our customers to address their future needs. We also have a dedicated project delivery team that ensures seamless and quality customer service,” Akil adds.

It is a leading fintech company serving major cooperative banks in India along with multiple overseas banks globally, providing seamless, robust products and services

The company offers many products including StarM-Pay which provides a robust platform to link consumers, banks and merchants remotely via a strong and secure plat-form. The platform comes with an integrated eco-system where mobile wallet and mobile banking are embedded in a single mobile application thus allowing the users to access their bank account, manage their cards, transfer funds, pay bills, track cheques, mobile top ups, etc. In addition, EZLINK Enterprise EFT Switch is a flagship product of CashLink. Find below our key product features - Non-Stop Process or Task Environment (24*7 Process Availability), Multi-Processing Capability, Load Balancing Capability, Highly Fault Tolerant, Supports Fraud & Risk alerts and others. Furthermore, it offers its Agency Banking Solution (StarFIPS), a type of branchless banking that allows traditional banks to extend their network of branches and services in a cost-efficient manner through authorized agents.

“Robust and standard products, exceptional customer support, experienced core technical team, affordable range of products and solutions and many other key competencies that we have make us stand ahead of our competitors. We are also tuning the architecture to support Microservices setup with Plug and play API architecture,” Akil concludes.